Jazz Night at Cafe Roze turns 1 Year Old

I’ve been hosting a monthly event at Cafe Roze for one full year. It’s called Jazz Night at Cafe Roze and its been an amazing creative outlet. One Monday a month, myself along with Ian, Calvin and Ross set up our instruments into a little corner and have a blank canvas to create and play whatever we’d like.

We’ve had so many unique nights of music this year. Most nights, we start out playing an acoustic jazz set and slowly morph into more songwriter, RnB, commercial music. I try to make the nights have a unique feel and I’m proud of each one that we’ve done.

Amongst all of the travel, touring and new musical situations that I have found myself in this year, Jazz Night at Cafe Roze has been a consistent gig that I always look forward to. I feel grateful to have found a venue that has been so accommodating in hosting the event, and a band that is so professional and musically deep and versatile. 

To celebrate our year anniversary, I hired an amazing artist named Trea Bailey to bring my vision of a t-shirt design to life. If you are interested in buying one, shoot me a message or come to our year anniversary Jazz Night this Monday at 9pm!